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Tue Aug 8 12:34:15 EDT 2000

Hi Leps members,

In Central and Western New York, John Hanyak is planning to start a 
local e-mail list for butterflies. This is the  message posted on 
NYSBIRDS-l from him,  being re-posted with his permission. If 
interested directly reply to him.


>"John J. Hanyak" <jhanyak at>
>Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 08:35:36 -0400
>The following off-topic post is submitted with the permission of the 
>I am interested in determining the interest of fellow chatters to 
>possibly start
>an informal chat group that shares an interest in butterflies.
>Since this is not a bird-related subject, this will be done 
>privately and off-line.
>Sharing of information can include favorite locations, recent 
>sightings, tips on
>butterfly plantings, optics, etc., etc.  Also favorite websites such 
>as the one below.
>(An example would be a recent trip to Three Rivers WMA near 
>Baldwinsville which
>yielded a field with at least 100 Baltimore Checkerspots!)
>I would also like to ascertain the interest of fellow butterfliers 
>on forming a local
>chapter of the North American Butterfly Association.  (
>This would be an informal group without dues and rules!  Perhaps we 
>could start
>a CNY 4th of July Butterfly Count.  (These counts are held annually 
>in the same
>manner and context of Christmas Counts for birds.)
>Please reply to me privately with your thoughts and/or ideas.
>John Hanyak
>Marcellus, NY
>jhanyak at

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