SE Arizona moths, habitats websites

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at
Thu Aug 17 13:00:36 EDT 2000

We are in the process of upgrading our websites on SE Arizona
lepidoptera.  We currently have around 1000 species figured, and have a fair amount
of foodplant and larval information.

In particular, we welcome any additions/corrections, etc. to our SE
Arizona moth page, esp. additional foodplants and new species. Additional
images of larvae and adults are always welcome.  As always, full credit will be
given to the contributor.  The website URL is

 Arizona Moths page: 

The butterflies website is

Arizona butterflies page: 

Likewise, we have added additional figures to our SE Arizona habitats
webpage, giving you a chance to see what some of the "classic" locations you
might have read about really look like.  The website is:

SE Arizona habitats




Bruce Walsh
University of Arizona


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