Looking to ID moth -- any takers?

NewtChris newtchris at aol.com
Sat Aug 19 03:57:33 EDT 2000

Thank you for pointing that out, but I wonder what characteristics you might
point out instead that would make the sexual identification of this Polyphemus
female more obvious for this novist?

Maybe a ratio of body weight to wing area? I've got my calculator ready!!

Or, a detailed description of the genetalia of lepitoptera in general.  I got
my magnifying glass ready!!!

Or.... maybe it's a good rule of thumb, and we can all hope that the amateurs
won't be freaked out when they see a male and female Prometheus in a mating
embrace and declare that cats and dogs are fornicating and the end of the world
is near.  

I trust they'll check thier references first.

Let's not triffle each others knowledge...or be nudges

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