Identify UK Lycaenid?

Andrew Torry A.P.K.Torry at
Mon Aug 21 06:17:16 EDT 2000

Neil Jones' comment on the Silver-Studded Blue

>It isn't a Silver Studded Blue these really are scarce

What distribution maps are you using these days.

The SSB is clearly a local species and NOT scarce. In Cornwall it occurs on
nearly every piece of suitable habitat ranging from Cliff top heaths to
Sand dunes and even occurs in light scrubland areas inland, the PENHALE
SANDS and GWITHIAN TOWANS dune complexes hold huge populations numbering in
the tens of thousands at peak flight time. They have indeed had two very
good seasons thanks to the rather damp summers we have had. This year was
the best ever.

Stop trying to frighten people into believing that things are rarer than
they are eventually people will stop believing you when it really does matter.


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