Monarch ignorance

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Hi all -

    Without seeing the article (I try to avoid US Air if at all possible),
the title's use of "emigrants" certainly qualifies the Gulf Fritillary and
some of the other Fritillaries, even though the text of the article may not
dwell on them.  While most people quickly associate the Monarch with
long-distance travel, I was fascinated by the sight of thousands of Gulf
Frits streaming East along the Alabama coastline last October.  The causeway
out to Dauphin Island was littered with hundreds of dead butterflies - they
blew about like dead leaves along a New England roadside when a car passed

    You can always count on some magazine / newspaper editor to mess up
photo captions or make a proofreading error.  However, the general public
remains blissfully unaware of these mistakes, which is why they happen in
the first place.  I'm just happy that they ran the article in the first

Clay Taylor

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Subject: Monarch ignorance

When I picked up the August 2000 "Attache" magazine
while aboard a U.S. Airways flight, I was amazed at
the cover story.  The cover story is "Flying with
nature's most splendid emigrants" - a story about
Monarchs.  But, the cover photo is of a fritillary
(Atlantis?).  Inside the magazine, there are a handful
of photos, but the full page photo on page 52 is of a
Gulf Fritillary!

It would seem that Pace Commuications, which publishes
the magazine for U.S. Airways, would at least ask for
Monarch photos from whomever they bought the photos
from.  Worst yet, the article is by Robert Michael
Pyle whom I would assume is shaking his head at the
use of fritillary photos for his article.

A image of the August 2000 cover can be seen (for now)
at    The e-mail address for the
magazine is attacheair at   I would be interested
in knowing the fritillary species that is on the front

Don Gorney

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