Regal Fritillary

MKJ jantsa at
Tue Aug 22 02:41:05 EDT 2000

My answer is yes. All human action on the earth is depending of the cultural 
heritage  of the generation which has educated, learned and controlled the 
new comers. The people of to morrow is now childrens and more or less
without power to destroy the nature. When they grow and increase them power
they will be "gremlings"  destroyers or in better case keepers or in very best
case people like you "improvers".
So the future is in our hands and soon in the hands of the youngsters which has 
lived with us and learned everything they know from us. (Think about the wolf
childrens which have been educated in the heard of wolfs, they act like wolfs).
So there is no other bossibility than look to mirror. 
One humans resources and power is limited and should be used in small scale operations.
The world is still too big for an singular individual...

Think global act local!


In article < at>, drdn at (Chris J. Durden) says:
>  Is manipulation of a habitat in favor of one or several of its component
>species any more natural or ethical than our present manipulation of all
>habitat for human economic short-term gain?
>  This is basically a restatement of the oxymoron "wildlife management".
>........Chris Durden
>At 11:45  21/08/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>Agreed, well mostly :-)  The only thing I would add is that in some
>>ecosystems it is not enough to leave the habitat alone.  Rather, some
>>instigated natural disturbance or emulation of natural disturbance is needed
>>to prevent natural succession from changing the habitat into a condition
>>that is no longer suitable for the species of interest.  

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