Does Bt Corn threaten any Rare Prairie Skippers

Doug Yanega dyanega at
Thu Aug 24 20:38:59 EDT 2000

Paul wrote:

>Doug, I merely stated what the EPA said. Below I have cut and pasted exactly
>what the EPA said in regard to potential impacts of Bt corn on non-target leps
>in 1998:
>"A Biological Opinion was issued on Dec. 18, 1998 concerning the possible
>effect of foliar sprays of Bt on threatened or endangered species.

You cannot POSSIBLY have missed the point so badly. The above quote does
NOT say anything in regard to "potential impacts of Bt corn on non-target
leps". It states things ONLY in regard to "potential impacts of Bt corn on
are NOT synonymous, and you know it. You can take the (*^$#)(%@* List and
throw it in the trash heap for how well it represents the actual number of
imperiled taxa out there. The EPA has NEVER done a study that covers ALL
non-target leps, and they probably never will. They are selectively myopic,
like you appear to be, but at least they don't use it as a strategy to
intentionally deceive people.

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