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Ian Thirlwell iant at care4free.net
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My Latin is rather rusty(!) these days but:

basin - I would guess from "basis" = base, though I don't understand the
ending (case). Anyway "maculis ad basin inaequalibus" = "with unequal
spots towards the base [of the wing]" perhaps.

difformi - irregular, deduced from the French "difforme"
subtransversis - "subtransverse" seems awkward, but looking at a picture
of B. chariclea on the net it could indicate the spots making up the
fascia as not being in a straight line. So: "median fascia very
irregular with marginal and subtransverse spots"

I'm sure someone could do a better translation.

Ian Thirlwell

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> Doing a translation of the OD of Boloria chariclea arctica and
> with three words. Open to suggestions.  The words are basin, difformi
> subtransversis.  the pertinent quotes from the Latin OD are "maculis
> basin inaequalibus", "fascia media valde difformi maculisque
> subtransversis" .  Thanks for any ideas that may or may not be
> with my guesswork.
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