Pale Swallowtails

Sunsol SUNSOL at
Sun Aug 27 18:48:45 EDT 2000

I never saw the adult that laid the eggs, and now I am wondering if it
really is a pale. I suppose it could be a western tiger. Does anyone know
where I could find pictures of these larvae on the web or in a book? I don't
want to wait until spring to find out. Thanks.

Rob & Ryan <lepidopterists at> wrote in message
news:4ZHo5.196007$8u4.1955036 at
> Sally, you don't say from which area you are from? This may be helpful in
> determining whether these chrysalis's will overwinter or not. I am from
> British Columbia Canada and  am quite certain that Pterourus eurymedom
> this area are single brooded. If the weather in your area is about the
> as British Columbia I would say your chrysalis's will overwinter.
>     Happy collecting.
>     Robert Vandemoor.

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