Eating ones study subjects

Pierre A Plauzoles plauzolesp at
Mon Aug 28 20:02:23 EDT 2000

Rick Mikula wrote:

> Michael Gochfeld wrote:
> >.... Some researcher who collected often chowed-down repeatedly and with apparent relish.......
> > Mike Gochfeld
> The first thing that comes to mind is a natural history museum display
> that I had once visited which specialized in a very large collection of
> North American animal scat.   Perhaps we should not speculate to guess
> here.
> R. Mikula

This is not idle speculation.  Although I might neither agree with nor indulge in parallel behavior,
there are those of us who do indeed engage in the consumption of ants, grasshoppers and other
arthropods.  As far as I am concerned, I would rather consume more traditional fare.  Among other
reasons, they have sufficient population pressures placed on them as it is.

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