imaging a cocoon with MRI

Dr. Gerald Moran gmoran at
Tue Aug 29 19:29:57 EDT 2000

   I was wondering if anyone was aware of images taken of a cocoon at
various stages in its development.  I have access to an MRI microscope
capable of at least 50 micron resolution in insects.  I was hoping to
image a cocoon and track the transformation into a butterfly
non-invasively, that is if it is a novel project.
   If this is of interest, does anyone know of an entomologist who may
know of some scientific questions which may be answered by such a
study?  Anyone interested?

gmoran at

Dr. Gerald R. Moran
Lawson Research Institute
Department of Nuclear Medicine
St. Joseph's Hospital
268 Grosvenor St.
London, ON
N6A 4V2

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