Plodia interpunctella

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I have no idea how to do it by color. Perhaps there is no way. However for
all Lepidoptera larvae, the head capsule size (usually width is measured) is
an excellent way to separate instars. Just measure the width of the head of
various size larvae of a given species, and the widths will fall into 5
(assuming 5 instars) distinct groups. The range of head widths for each
instar will only overlap if larvae are being severely starved or otherwise
treated in a way that significantly alters growth rates. Once you are used
to looking at head size, you will be able to tell the instar just by looking
at the head (with no need for actual measurement).

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>Dear All,
>I am still looking for information how to distinguish different instars
>of Plodia interpunctella.
>Any help would be graetly appreciated.
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