Need help with Noctuid moth

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at
Wed Feb 2 11:28:27 EST 2000

L. linita ranges from Florida west to Louisiana and north to Ohio and
southern Michigan.  Forbes reports it "Maine to Florida, westward
sporadically Minnesota and Manitoba."  It is found in wetlands with standing
water, and being a Leucania it undoubtedly feeds on grasses.  It is common
in Ohio, mostly along Lake Erie and the marshes in the northern part of the
state.   Phragmites as one larval host fits, but it probably is not
restricted to Phragmites.  In Ohio it occurs in many places void of

There is probably literature on Phragmites, including any associated
herbivores, given its status as a pest in some locations, however, you may
not find those answers in this group.  A literature search on Phragmites
might be a better place to look for that information.

Good luck.

Columbus OH

"Geoff 'atom' Balme" <geoffbe at> wrote in message
news:3895c77d.17377853 at
> the moth was identified by SEL
> as Leucania linita --- does anyone have any information about feeding
> habits - range - etc.
> I reared this animal on Phragmites australis -- and would like to know
> if that is a new host.

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