Color Tropical Butterfly ID Book?

Randy Emmitt birdcr at
Wed Feb 2 18:09:02 EST 2000


I have just recently placed online nearly 50 species  tropical butterfly photos
from the local butterfly house! I believe all the IDs are correct. Just go to and click on the tropical butterflies link.
And yes my site is searchable just type in the latin names to find the ones you
would want. Please be mindful that these are copyrighted images.

To be honest with you the "book" you would need would be 8 -10 books in all to
get the IDs of most of the tropicals butterfly houses are getting these days.


Randy L Emmitt
Rougemont, NC
Butterflies of NC online!

Kelley Morgan wrote:

> I would love to have a full color butterfly book for identification. I
> have several dealers now that can sell me butterflies but they all list
> only the names with no photos.
> Does anyone know of a good color book for identifing tropicals?
> Kelley Morgan

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