graduating science student and lepidoptera enthusiastseeks research funding

Aubrey L Gilbert aubrey at
Thu Feb 3 10:43:50 EST 2000

>My name is Aubrey Gilbert and I am just finishing my undergraduate degrees in >biology and an interdisciplinary blend of biochemistry and environmental >science at >the University of Virginia.  I have long been an entomology enthusiast and >even >founded the University's first entomology club.  I began my freshman year by >organizing collection and classification expeditions and ended giving  >seminars on >entomophagy around the world.  You can imagine my excitement at the >prospect of >doing research for the Costa Rican Entomological Supply company upon >graduation.  I have been contacting them concerning a project dealing with >one of >their most pressing issues: deciphering the cause as to why their breeders >can no >longer breed Caligo sp.  I have an extensive background in molecular and 
>cellular >biology as well as field research and entomology and would be thrilled to  >take on >such an endeavor.  The only thing I currently lack is the funding to >complete such >work. I am not certain exactly how much money I would require  but if anyone can make any suggestion as to possible funding sources, please email me at: aubrey at and provide any leads for any available research >grants or organizations with stand-alone funding that might help >me to complete this project?
>Thank you very much.
>Aubrey Gilbert
>aubrey at

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