Sharing Caterpillars

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Thu Feb 10 13:14:48 EST 2000

Hi, Sally,
Is it possible that the pillar-nappers don't know that you are growing
them on purpose? They may think that these are unappreciated and that
you might spray them. 

Put up a couple of little butterfly garden ornaments or some such, and
they'll know you're taking care of them. 

If you're hoping to foster butterfly gardening you could even set out
some little plants (empty yogurt containers make great free plant pots)
with a help yourself sign. 

(If they steal your ornaments, then we know what you're up against, and
perhaps you should consider a tiger trap.)
Anne Kilmer
South Florida 

Sunsol wrote:
> I live in California and have grown fennel next to the sidewalk for years.
> People collect caterpillars regularly. I feel rather ambivalent about this.
> On the one hand I am glad that they know about anise swallowtails and enjoy
> them, but on the other hand I think that the insects would be much better
> off if these people took the  time to grow some butterfly plants themselves.
> I am considering posting a sign asking the collectors to "give back" in some
> way. I thought about asking them to pay, but that's not what I want. I want
> to promote butterfly gardening and insect study. Has anybody got any ideas?
> Sally

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