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Fri Feb 11 21:33:00 EST 2000

sebrez at wrote:

> Does anyone know where I can find a photo of a luna cocoon on the net or
> maybe post one to the list? I've found a cocoon and am not sure what it
> is but suspect it's a Luna.

I do not want to tell you off or anything that might be construed as such,
but I suspect that you are not aware of the controversy a number of years
ago.  Although, personally, I dpn't give a red-hot flying tinker's !@#$% how
many such files get on this newsgroup, many people on the newsgroup do not
want graphics files posted here, and it has thus been made a part of the
newsgroup's rules (see the FAQ).  Instead, they would like them posted
somewhere else, such as the <> newsgroup or
your own home page.  A hotlink to that site can then be placed in your
message here.

Best of luck to you.

Pierre A Plauzoles
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