Plantes nourricières Saturniidae

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Tue Feb 15 12:55:38 EST 2000

Per Steve Stone's, Foodplants of Worldwide Saturniidae, you might try the
following hostplants if they are available in your area.

For the Rheyscenthis species, you might try Privet (Ligustrum) which has been
successfully used for species in that genus in the past.

For the Dysdaemonia boreas, try Tilia (Tiliaceae) which has been successful for
species in the Caio and Dysdaemonia genera.

For the Copaxa, Avocado (Persea) is the best and might be available in
nurseries as an ornamental plant.  Oak (Quercus) and Willow (Salix) could be
successful.  Lemaire has used Hawthorne (Craetaegus) for Copaxa species in the
past as well. 

Good luck, try a bouquet of possilbe hostplants and see what they might eat. 
Prunus species are also good possibilities.

Mike Smith

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