Cheshire Macro Moth Recording Scheme - Revitalisation

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Wed Feb 16 07:25:21 EST 2000

Dear All,

Over the last two years the Macro-moth recording scheme in Cheshire has
lain somewhat moribund - partly down to my priorities and circumstances
changing but also due to the fact that many Cheshire moth recorders
seemed to feel that following the production of Ian Rutherfords book
"Macro Moths of Cheshire" that the subject was completed - done and
dusted. Nothing could be further from the truth and my aim is to bring
the records up to date with the last five years data and to produce
distribution maps for all species. However, this means an awful lot of
work extracting old data from Ian's correspondence as he didn't
computerise the records.

One of my first tasks in the revitalisation process is to attempt to
make contact both with all those people who previously provided moth
records for Cheshire (both Vice-County and Modern County boundaries) and
also to identify new recorders so that I can develop a mailing list via
which I can keep in contact, chivvy for records and send out

If you are a recorder with past moth records for Cheshire, or who will
be trapping moths in the Cheshire Region during the forthcoming season,
I would be very pleased to hear from you. Could you please e-mail me and
let me know your contact details (e-mail address, house address,, etc.).

Also if you know of anyone who has back records or who is working moths
in the region, again I would be very grateful for contact details.

Please help if you can.

Many thanks.

Cheers and take care.


Steve J. McWilliam
Cheshire County Macro-Moth Recorder
Cheshire County Sawfly (Symphyta) Recorder
Tel:  01928-573697 (24 hour answer-phone service)
E-Mail: stevemc at
4 Priory Close, Halton Village, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 2BN
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