I am posting this on the behalf of Elizabeth & David Rich, please reply directly to them.

Andy Steinberg andy at ent.umass.edu
Fri Feb 18 08:53:58 EST 2000

Dear Professor,

I have been searching for a Medical Entomologist and I came across your
Web Site.  I would like to ask if you would be willing and able to help
me with a dilemma I have regarding some form of parasite or bug which
seems to be affecting my body. 
     Over the past year, I have been to several Dermatologists as well
as an Internal Medicine Specialist and various General Practitioners,
all to no avail as none were able to diagnose my ailment.  When I
suggested to them that I think it is some type of bug or parasite they
think I am crazy.  I am very frustrated and at the end of my rope.
     The Internal Medicine Specialist at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore whom
I saw, told me that she would agree to correlate with any Doctors or
Specialists who would be willing to do research in my behalf.  If this
situation is something that you might be able to help me with in
possibly determining what it is that I have, I would be so grateful.  I
have some slides from two biopsies taken by the Dermatologist and I can
even come to where you are if you need to scrutinize my condition first
     If this is something that you would be able and willing to do,
please contact me:
						Elizabeth A. Rich
						(302) 369-5349
						108 Halloween Run
						Newark, DE  19702
						dadioking at yahoo.com
 Or my husband:

						David F. Rich
						DadioKing at netscape.net

Thank you for your kind consideration.  

					Sincerely, Elizabeth A. Rich

P.S.  If this is something that you are not able to do, would you be so
kind as to forward to me any referrals you might have of Specialists in
your field whom you think might be able to help me.

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