USGS Butterfly/Moth Updates

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Fri Feb 18 15:36:33 EST 2000

Thought this may be of interest.....   
Wanda Dameron, Flutterby Press, Los Angeles

Butterfly species accounts in Butterflies of North America have been
updated to reflect recent changes in butterfly taxonomy. In addition,
many new
distribution records and photo images are included. 

Update -- Additional distribution records and species photos are now
included in Moths of North America. 

Annoucements -- Vacancy announcements for several seasonal research
technicians have been recently added/updated on the Announcements page. 

Information -- Long Term Ecological Monitoring in Prairie Parks, a
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center fact sheet describes and
summarizes various
monitoring protocols under development by or coordinated by the Missouri
and Arkansas Field Stations. Read about it under Northern Prairie
Studies and
Activities in the Information section. 
All of these resources can be reached from the following address:

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