Genetic Engineering does indeed have problems

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Fri Feb 18 18:47:57 EST 2000

Bruce Walsh wrote:

> I never stated that GM organisms (GMO) are without problems.

Bruce, what might be some potential problems, from a human health standpoint,
(if any) with the GM food crops (e.g. corn, soybeans & potatoes) now in 
production vs. those we have traditionally eaten which are also highly 
modified from their original stocks via the artificial selection method
of genetic engineering?

In other words, is there any scientific basis to the concern that there could
be significant "unforeseen human health consequences" involved with eating
the GM corn, soybean and potatoe products now on the market? Concerns
possibly legitimate enough to warrant special food safety testing and labeling?

Or would mandating special testing and labeling requirements amount to
imposing a double standard without a valid scientific basis?

Paul Cherubini

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