Mosquitoes and flies...

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Mon Feb 21 23:14:13 EST 2000

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Date: Mon, Feb 21, 2000 11:25 PM
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Rcjohnsen wrote:
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> At a price of $395, you've got to really want those mosquitos dead

We have it on good authority that they taste just like anchovies. 

If you had a baseball stadium you might be happy to have such a gadget.
I wonder whether it makes an appreciable difference in the number of
mosquito bites the neighbors enjoy. 
Anne Kilmer
South Florida
But Anne!!!   Why build a stadium in a swamp in the first place???  I suppose
that if environmental studies weren't done before construction, then a a couple
dozen-a few hundred of these gizmos wouldn't be a bad investment (if you could
hear the game over the buzz of the zappers.  But there's an upside!  The pizza
stand could use the zapped bugs on anchovy pizza orders--just for flavor and as
long as the order didn't exceed FDA guidlines for insect parts.

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