MM053A - flying in Austin, Feb. 22

Chris J. Durden drdn at
Wed Feb 23 02:46:29 EST 2000

Austin, 2.1k up E Johnson Creek
DurdenCJ MM053A
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*Amblyscirtes vialis*
  one, gloss fresh
  new range extension westward from Bastrop Co.
  first seen here in 32 years of looking
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In reply to 'Stelenes' query, there was a report of *Incisalia henrici* in
Austin last week at the Zilker Park butterfly garden. I have not seen it
yet this year although the redbud & Texas mountain laurel exploded into
bloom yesterday.
Our common *Incisalia* is *I. solatus solatus* - SOOTY ELFIN, which uses
Texas mountain laurel and black persimmon flowers and fruit as first choice
larval foods.
Our less common species is *Incisalia henrici turneri* - TURNER'S HENRIC'S
ELFIN, which uses redbud and bluebonnet flowers and fruit as first choice
larval foods.
Of several batches of *I. solatus* I have raised on Texas mountain laurel,
none have resembled *I. henrici turneri*. Other subspecies of *I. solatus*
occur in Coahuila and in New Mexico.
........Chris Durden

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