Genetic Engineering does indeed have problems

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Tue Feb 22 19:40:54 EST 2000

Chris J. Durden wrote:
> There are numerous consumers who would prefer to be careful if they
> could, and not eat GE/GM foods until more testing has been done.  It would also 
> permit those with
> life-threatening allergies to determine the potential threat of hidden
> allergens in new food. This would be the democratic way.

Democratic but scientific? What double blind, peer reviewed scientific
references can you give us Chris that indicate the GE/GM food crops
NOW in production and on the supermarket shelves are substantially more likely
to cause allergic reactions or other unintended problems as compared to conventional
crops developed in years' past using traditional artificial selection techniques?

In other words, what double blind, peer reviewed scientific
studies exist that would suggest the newest GE/GM crops
now in production would be more likely to fail special food safety
tests as compared to crops developed in the past using traditional
artificial selection techniques (and apparently not ever subjected to such rigorous
safety testing)?

Paul Cherubini

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