Genetic Engineering does indeed have problems

Linda Rogers llrogers at
Wed Feb 23 14:32:58 EST 2000

...... That is not the question. I do not wish to eat BT corn, nor do a lot
of other people. I want full disclosure on the packaging! I do not want to
eat it by accident. I do not eat MSG, BHT, BHA either, knowingly, which
means I read minute labelling and eat far less of these additives than most
consumers. I think I feel healthier because of this. This is my right to
make these choices.


Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores will soon be making it a little easier for
you.  These two leading natural food store chains in the U.S. plan to ban
GE modified ingredients from their hundreds of private-label products.
They are the largest grocers in the country to ban GE ingredients so far.
Together, these stores have about 1,300 products which they sell under
their own brand names.  Major European supermarket chains have already
enacted such bans.

Linda Rogers

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