Genetic Engineering does indeed have problems

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Wed Feb 23 07:48:23 EST 2000

Chris Durden wrote:
> ...... That is not the question. I do not wish to eat BT corn, nor do a lot
> of other people. I want full disclosure on the packaging! I do not want to
> eat it by accident. I do not eat MSG, BHT, BHA either, knowingly, which
> means I read minute labelling and eat far less of these additives than most
> consumers. I think I feel healthier because of this. This is my right to
> make these choices.

Linda Rogers wrote:
> Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores will soon be making it a little easier for
> you.  These two leading natural food store chains in the U.S. plan to ban
> GE modified ingredients from their hundreds of private-label products.

Imagine if the organically grown foods now in health food stores were subjected to the 
same special food safety tests being proposed for the GMO foods also now on the market.
Imagine if alot of organically grown foods failed those tests and were thus
banned for sale or at least required to display a label that would inform consumers 
that their favorite organic foods grains, fruits and vegetables those safety tests (for allergens, 
tumor inducing potential, etc).Would organic growers then still embrace these special food 
safety tests and labeling requirements for their own high profit margin products?

Sound far fetched? Again, I challenge anyone to come up with solid scientific evidence
that conventional food crops would be substantially more likely to pass special food safety 
tests than the new GMO food crops now on the market. 

Paul Cherubini

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