Monarch Mating

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Thu Feb 24 15:05:20 EST 2000

Maurice O'Donnell wrote:
> I would agree with the comment about the apparent brutality of monarch mating 
> behaviour. 

The female monarch has an emergency card to play, however, if she 
has been mated too many times (is bulging with spermatophores) and 
absolutely can't deal with another one. 

A female in this condition can grab her abdomen with her feet and pull 
it tightly up to her chest (thorax) which make it impossible for the male
to grab it with his abdominal claspers. This is fairly rarely seen in nature, but is 
commonly seen in females (which have already been multiply mated) 
held in captivity with several males.

Paul Cherubini

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