New study finds butterflies unharmed by GMO corn

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.......> I have, however stopped buying my favorite brand of
>  commercial tortillas. I have done this not because I think there is
>  anything wrong with them. They do not look different. There is no change in
>  the list of ingredients. I have done this because for the last 3 months
>  they have not tasted as good and have given me indigestion. Is this a
>  change in me or the corn? Has anyone else noticed a decline in quality of
>  corn products recently?
>  ........Chris

Yes, I noticed the same thing in a number of products I eat.  Before focusing 
on the corn, I would consider that a greater flavor impact is from fat.  Fat 
tastes good to snack food junkies!  Two things here: (1) Fat content and 
choice and (2) Including non-GMO materials in response to consumer pressures. 
 If there is a choice between fat and GMO (Said choice hypothetical and only 
hypothetical at this point!), at least half of the heart disease related 
deaths probably can be prevented by long term preventitive smart eating......

(1) In many cases, the "nutritional quality" has been improved by replacing 
yummy good tasting lards, tropical oils and other more saturated fats with 
more healthy (statistically GMO, since most soy bean and canola mixtures 
contained the modified stuff).  Too bad saturated fats taste so good.  

A healthy 2,000 calorie diet of 30% max fat = max 66 g fat.  That means a 
three ounce snack bag of chips has about a third of the fat for the day, each 
chip has almost a gram of fat.  

(2) Recently Frito-lay and others has begun to cut down on their GMO content, 
buying certified non-GMO corn or soy stuff from producers like Brasil.  The 
non-GMO stuff ironically may not taste as good since the processes and GMO 
bred products have received much of the attention have been optimized.    
Fritos may be taking the lead.  Perhaps Olestra ought to be more popular 
though it has other problems...

Happy butterflying... Doug Dawn
Woodland,  CA
(munching guiltily on Santitas brand tortillas chips which really don't tast 
as good as before)

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