Large unidentified moth eggs on window

Julie Seely seely at
Fri Jun 9 00:00:58 EDT 2000

Please forgive my ignorance, but I am hopeful that someone here can
help.  I live in the US in northern New England (White Mts region),
and tonight a large moth -- approximately 5" wingspan -- decided to
lay some eggs on a glass door at our house.  The moth resembled a
Cecropia or Promethea, but had distinct differences from the photos
in my Audubon guide.  It most resembled the photograph of a Cynthia
moth, but the Audubon guide says "only near major metropolitan
areas", and "midsummer" flight which hardly describes our neck of
the woods or this season.

Anyway, my question is whether these eggs will survive, and if so,
how long it might be before they hatch?  Is there any insect that
will eat the eggs?  If the eggs will not survive on the window, is
there anything I can do to help them out?  Move them to vegetation
somewhere? Will they survive if moved indoors?

The moth itself had rusty brown wings -- the color of a chocolate
lab (think Clinton's dog Buddy); the outer margin of the wing was a
pinkish beige about 5/8" wide.  The moth's body was also a pinkish
beige with some white fuzz.  And there were bluish spots on the
upper wing that I believe were crescent shaped.  The eggs are
approximately 1/16" in diameter, white to yellow-white with a brown

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.


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