New study finds butterflies unharmed by GMO corn

anne kilmer viceroy at
Fri Jun 9 02:00:01 EDT 2000

There would be a lot more room for butterflies if you scientists would
just quit trying to feed the world's burgeoning population. ;-)
Just stockpile a lot of non-GM grits and gravy, hunker down on your
mountain top and wait for the New Stone Age. 
Those of us bleeding-heart liberals who have actually tried subsistance
farming are so grateful for things in tins ... 
And, for you organic people, the food won't have Dursban or Diazinon in
it much longer, either. I wonder what the next generation of
insecticides will be, when Bt stops working. 
To take the bitter out of Brussels sprouts, change the water you're
simmering them in a couple of times, add a knob of butter, and then
slosh a nice cream sauce on there. Guaranteed to remove all nutrients. 
Due to the action of the evil genetic engineers, most of the Brassicas
are so wimpy in flavor now that even children will eat them.  No wonder
the bugs do, too. 
Ah well. 
Anne Kilmer
Mayo, Ireland

Bruce Walsh wrote:
> Re my stand on GMO, Chris wrote:
> " I suppose you are one of those genetic mechanics who are trying to
> change
> our food for profit, without telling us, figuring we will not notice?"
> Nope, I'd rather cheat you straightup instead of being sneaky.
> By the way, I'm all for modifying all Brussel sprouts so that no one
> will ever feel any pressure to eat those little bitter suckers
> (please, no flames from the Brussel Sprout anti-defamation league, or
> PEBS, people for the ethical treatment of Brussel Sprouts).
> Cheers
> Bruce

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