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Fri Jun 9 08:27:33 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I detest folks who post blatant advertisements to newsgroups and mail
lists (so I promise that this is the only time that you'll see
this...on this list, at least from me!). Many of you know that I've
been writing a book called "A World for Butterflies." Well, it's
finally out.

It has been simultaneously published in Canada by Key Porter Books and
in the US by Firefly Books. I know that it's available in bookstores
in Canada and expect that it will shortly be available here. The usual
online sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) have it listed but it
still shows as not being available until August or September.

The book is 320+ pages and has more than 300 color photos and
illustrations, some of which have been taken by people on this list.
The full title, "A World for Butterflies: their lives, behavior and
future," should give you some idea of the contents, but, essentially,
it's a primer on butterfly biology and conservation with sections
about what butterflies are, their diversity, distribution, day-to-day
lives and their conservation needs. The "heart" of the book, almost
1/2 of the text, is the section on the lives of butterflies. I've
tried to write it with the "educated naturalist" in mind (but won't
know how successful I've been until the reviews start coming in).

Natural history books like this often include a "resources" section
that provides contact information for organizations, equipment
suppliers and the like. If you're anything like me you hate the fact
that these are out of date almost immediately upon publication! To
circumvent this I've chosen to set up a website, found appropriately
enough at, to provide a link between the
written work and the multitude of resources that are available online.
You can also find additional content and information about the book,
as well as links to online ordering sites, there. The site is still in
its infancy but will be expanded greatly over the next couple of

Even if you have no intention of buying the book, please do drop by
the website and let me know what you think. If you know of web
resources that I should include please take the time to let me know.
I'd also appreciate your comments -- good or bad -- about the book.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.


Dr. Phil Schappert

Stengl-Lost Pines Biological Station, 
University of Texas,
401 Old Antioch Rd, 
Smithville, TX 78957-5095 

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