Checkerspots and Paul Cherubini

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Sat Jun 10 20:09:22 EDT 2000

Anne Evans wrote:

> Paul Cherubini's bias is amazing. He never misses a chance to attack the 
> defense of the environment. The web site promotes the conservation of 
> animals and has several rare butterflies. He has conveniently forgotten that the
> Quino Checkerspot is listed under the US Endangered Species Act. He could 
> have chosen to advise the author personally of any errors. Instead he made 
> a public attack in order to try to tell people not to listen to this site's message 
> on rare species.
> Paul Cherubini always attacks anyone or anything that suggests environmental 
> preservation. If something *might* be environmentally damaging you can be
> sure to see him support it. He sure is a Nature Hater.

I think there is a double standard here. Virtually every day on leps-list someone
makes a reference to the biotech industry as being "profit driven"  "greedy", "change
our food without telling us" "agenda for world domination and control" "tell us
only what they want us to know" etc. I don't here you or anyone objecting to
these defamatory remarks or anyone saying these people "never miss a 
chance to attack the biotech industry." 

If someone found faulty information on Monsanto's website and said "this makes
me wonder about the credibility of the rest of the website" who would be upset 
over that comment. You? Would you have insisted that this person "could 
have first chosen to advise the author [of Monsanto's website] personally of 
any errors?

Now imagine how much trouble I'd be in if I suggested that the underlying
reason why the website failed to disclose the 
fact of the Quino checkerspots' abundance in Mexico was because 
it would defuse public concern, hence lead to less grants and donations? 
People would be furious over my suggestion that a conservation website 
was not telling the whole truth in order to raise the maximum amount money
 (i.e. put profit ahead of truth). A double standard as I see it.

Paul Cherubini

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