Checkerspots and Paul Cherubini

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at U.Arizona.EDU
Sun Jun 11 20:51:37 EDT 2000

I'm rather surprised by the tone of this message reagrding Paul.  He is
simply asking taht you supply specific facts, examples, or modeling to
back up a claim.  Remember that all sorts of wild claims are made by
persons on both side of any issue.  If someone were to ask me for specific
examples, etc., I would welcome this as a cahnce to further present my
case, showing that my agrument had something to back it up other than my
own opinion or the opinions of others.  If these opinions are based on
specific facts or models, that should be given a full hearing.  I always
wonder if individuals who get upset when one simply asks you to boster an
opion with specific examples lak these examples, and deal with this by
skipping over the issue by attacking the questioner.

As scientistics, our whole life is based on being able to back up
particualr claims when asked.  This is a good thing for all concerned.



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