Coolpix macro lens question

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Tue Jun 13 01:03:53 EDT 2000

I have no idea whether it will fit your model of Nikon, but I use a
Micro-Nikkor 105mm 1:2.8. The semi-telephoto 105mm is desirable so you can
keep your distance. You may decide to add an extension tube when
photographing small Lycaenids, the lense does not focus quite close enough
to fill the frame with a "blue". When shopping for a lense, I suggest taking
along a print of a photo of a blue at roughly life-size so that you can see
how close you can focus. I have added a bellows for photographing larvae,
and I can get barely adequate photos of the larger eggs.

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> For taking good quality digital butterfly and caterpillar images, can
> recommend a good all around accessory macro lens for the Nikon coolpix 950
> or 990?
> As is the case with standard 35mm cameras, I can only assume that a macro
> lens is a good idea for close-up insect photos taken with a digital
> Jim Hanlon

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