Cabbage vs. Mustard

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The old literature indicates that P. oleracea was a crop pest in eastern
Canda until it was displaced by the Cabbage White. The type specimens of P.
oleracea were collected on crops as larvae. So European colonization
probably greatly increased the abundance of P. oleracea, and then Cabbage
Whites displaced them from cultivated areas.

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> Of course I am referring to the Cabbage White and the Mustard White
> rapae and Pieris oleracea); apologies if I messed up the vernacular
names -
> have a devil of a time remembering them.  Anyway, from time to time over
> years I have seen reference to rapae being implicated in reduction of
> oleracea (old name was P. napi oleracea) abundance in eastern north
> Question: anybody have any literature citations or unpublished data that
> would lend support to this oft-mentioned and perhaps assumed connection ??
> I am wondering if it is real.
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