Cabbage Whites

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Thu Jun 22 11:32:39 EDT 2000

This is all my fault. I blame Butterflies Bedazzling, whose web page
certainly suggested that they made "European Whites" available.
            "Butterflies Bedazzling emerged from the owner's love of
gardening. We hope that
            your experience with our butterflies heightens your
awareness and appreciation of
            these magical creatures. Enjoy these delightful insects by
working to create your own
            backyard haven and helping to preserve their natural

             We work with area scientists to learn the most about each
of our unique guests and
            how best to meet their complex needs. This enables us to
bring you a diverse selection
              of native California species. Rearing so many species is
quite challenging, yet we
             delight in the opportunity to observe nature's miracle
first-hand. We invite you to
                           witness the wonder of butterflies for



                                    Pipevine Swallowtail

                                       Gulf Fritillary

                                       Painted Lady

                                       Red Admiral 


                                     Anise Swallowtail


                                      European White


As it turns out, on further investigation, they are only selling 
Monarchs, Queens, Red Admirals, and Painted Ladies for release. 

As for the uncounted (or countless) butterfly breeders and farmers, I
gather that only the ones a) in the United States b)that advertise on
the web actually exist. 
My friends who sell and give away a few bugs now and then "don't count". 
So, if we pretend that there are exactly 60 butterfly farmers, does that
mean that regulation is unnecessary? Or that only the professionals
should (should not) be regulated? 
Are you professionals happy to have the amateurs releasing God knows
what from God knows where, because the USDA doesn't check packages and
you can buy anything over the internet? (As I have seen stated on this
and other lists ...) 

I've been kicking around your brother's nice web page, Rick. Mourning
Cloaks? People release Mourning Cloaks? At funerals?
Strange ... 
 Anne Kilmer
South Florida

"R. Mikula" wrote:
> >Doug Dawn wrote
> >Since butterfly farming (A.k.a, breeding, a misnomer IMHO) is so widespread,
> >Sharyn Fernandez wrote:
> > Also, those who might consider raising "whites" to release in weddings
> > might want to see if they can be permited to raise Pieris symbrisii (or
> > similar species ...napi? ) that is supposedly being displaced by Pieris
> > rapae...
> Of the 60 professionals butterfly farmers in North America only Ascia
> monuste is reared. They then go onto delight and educate at live
> exhibits and butterfly houses. They are very people friendly and quickly
> alight on visitors. The delicate nature of rapae renders it a very poor
> canidate for releasing. It is also not one of the nine species approved
> by the USDA for releasing.
> Rick Mikula

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