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Sharyn Fernandez butterflies at
Tue Jun 27 17:35:10 EDT 2000

Hi Jim  & others -Re bioculars -

Consider the elevation you'll be in - my husband just had a frustrating
experience with an otherwise nice pair of Gufi 8x42's when we went to the
Sierra (5 - 7,000 ft. Elev.). Evidently these 'sealed' binoculars were
sealed at sea-level (and no pressure adjustment valve) so when we got up to
tthis elevation they would not hold the focus (central focus) ...
the company said no adjustment, but are sending him another pair of
binoculars - evidently it happend before but another pair seemed to hold
the focus better -
of course this would mean you'd be in "high jungle", if that's possible... -S,

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