John Mathew jmathew at oeb.harvard.edu
Mon May 1 18:29:19 EDT 2000

Dear fellow lepidopterists,

Over the last two years, we (Michael Canfield, Naomi Pierce and John
Mathew) have been actively soliciting specimens and information on
Feniseca tarquinius (the Harvester) across its range. We are in the
process of organising our data-base on the subject and to this end, would
be most grateful for your assistance. We are sending in a proforma with
specimen entries, and if you could, via e-mail or regular post, follow the
same format in providing your information, that would be most helpful.

a) Location: Rt.16., about 1 mile north of Berlin, New Hampshire, on the
west side of the Androscoggin River.  

b) Date of collection: August 15th, 1998 

c) Tree species on which aphid colonies &caterpillars were found: Alnus
rugosa (Speckled alder).

d) Aphid species: Prociphilus tessallatus.

e) Approximate number of Feniseca Caterpillars (across sites): 45.

f) Any other information: Clear day, ambient temperature around 68 degrees
Fahrenheit. At two sites at the location, evidence of considerable
predation on aphids.

Many thanks. If you could fill in as many of these fields as possible in
your turn, that would be wonderful. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Sincerely yours,

John Mathew, Michael Canfield, and Naomi Pierce,
Musuem of Comparative Zoology,
Harvard University,
Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: (617)495-4012.

Email: jmathew at oeb.harvard.edu, mcanfield at oeb.harvard.edu,
npierce at oeb.harvard.edu

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