Jeffrey A. Caldwell ecosys at
Wed May 3 14:26:16 EDT 2000

The URL you provide below got me to the very bottom of your vast Arizona
moths page, which required very considerable scrolling up to get to
position on the list;  I think anyone who can still remember what they are
for by the time they get there deserves some sort of prize!   It is a pretty
but I am merely an admirer and promoter, not a collector.

Bruce Walsh wrote:

> I have a very few (4-6) spare pupae of the large SE Lasiocampid moth
> Dicogaster coronada that I'll willing to send to a good home/collection.
> The individuals making the best case will be the winner!  You can see the
> moth, and its life stages, on our SE Arizona moth webpage, under:
> "
> dae"
> Dicogaster is species #4 under Subfamily Lasiocampinae
> Cheers
> Bruce

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