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Dear  Butterfly Enthusiast,        

Thank you for your interest in the discovery of my Butterfly Alphabet!
 		 Yours, Kjell B. Sandved:

For a thousand years the English-speaking world has been happy with one
Alphabet, the Roman. No one had ever found letters as written by nature’s own
hand.  Now we have found a second, or rather the first, nature’s own
alphabet, the real language of dreams and love, the Butterfly Alphabet.  It has
been flying around on this earth for over 50 million years. Nature’s Message
was always there and for us to see . . . it was written on the wings of

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This most extraordinary discovery began in the attic of the Smithsonian
Institution in Washington, DC. Kjell ("Shell") was balancing high on a ladder,
surrounded by drawers and boxes full of exotic butterflies. When he opened an
aromatic old Havana cigar box, there it was woven into the tapestry of a wing:
a silvery, gleaming letter "F."

"I looked under the microscope at this miniature design," Kjell recalls, "and
marveled at the scales in soft pastel and sparkling silver. Not even a
calligrapher could have improved on its beauty. It reminded me of how the
ancient scribes lovingly embellished letters in bibles and illuminated
manuscripts with human and animal forms."  Intrigued, Kjell photographed the
letter and hung the print next to his desk where he admired it for over a year.

Then one day it dawned on him that having found one letter of the alphabet
there might be others flying around. Could he find them all? What a challenge.
Inspired his nine was quickly made up. "I was going to be the first to try." He
tells us.  Little did he know that it would take him 24 years!

There was a problem though, he had never taken a picture before and knew
nothing about photography! "I don't want to think about how many awful pictures
I ground out those first years," Kjell reveals "but when you do something for
the sheer love of creating, you can achieve anything, mistakes and all, but I
must admit, had it not been for epoxy glue, I would never have been able to do
it." It is hard to believe that photography was to become Kjell’s second
career .  It would change the course of his life 

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