There are releases and releases

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Fri May 5 07:30:57 EDT 2000

Ken raised an interesting historical question. Were there butterfly 
releases in 1973.  I'm sure this list represents people of very diverse 
ages and very diverse localities and elementary schooling. We can 
identify our own experiences both regarding whether we raised and/or 
released butterflies in school and when we heard of butterfly releases 
at social events. 

I'll start. 

I graduated high school in 1957.  We did have a junior Audubon Society 
in 4th grade (birds only) and a school botanical garden, but no raising 
of butterflies.  We did dissect frogs in 10th grade biology. 
	I never heard of a butterfly release here in NJ until about 

Mike Gochfeld

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