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> Neil Jones wrote:
> > I have no wish to start a flame war. 
> Mr. Jones
> You are welcomed to disagree with the PHD's and scientist in the 
> IBBA organization, however I must disagree you. It does seem that 
> your only purpose in life is to start flame wars.
> But I guess we all need hobbies.
> R. Mikula
I said that my original post would attract flames. Mr Mikula accuses me
of only wanting to start flame wars. This is not my motivation.
My motivation is that of an honest upright citizen who speaks out when
he sees some one trying to sell a neighbour something by means that are 
NOT TRUTHFUL. The people involved in the commercial trade of monarchs
at weddings know this and are now resorting to personal smears.

I speak out not to start flame wars but to inform people when I know
that someone is doing wrong. A few months ago I did this when a chinese
"trader" was trying to sell endangered species on the net. He was doing
so in a manner that attempted to hide his true identity.
I spoke out and once people realised what was happening there was general
consensus. Imagine however if there was an "Association of Endangered Species
Traders" that believed that what they were doing was OK. We might well
have had a flame war on our hands.

I speak out because I think it is the moral and ethical thing to do
to help those who may be mislead. I consistently do so from the view
point of a good neighbour. 

I have to be blunt because, frankly, it is the only way to get your message 
across. If you try to be subtle your message gets lost. I try not to be
personal in my responses but I am only human and I have had some
really filthy venom poured at me from the IBBA membership. It is also
difficult to point out that someone is NOT TRUTHFUL without it being seen
as a personal attack. It is a difficult thing to do and I am far from 
perfect at it, but my motivation is one of ethics.

TO illustrate the point about being subtle read the piece below.
It is by Royce  Bitzer and is a hillarious spoof piece on "The Butterflies
as Baubles Business". However many people saw it is an attack on the respected
scientist Dr Pyle. Royce Bitzer actually got attacked as a result.

Interestingly the piece predicts fancy coloured monarchs being breed for
release and we have recently seen that this is actually happening.

In regards to the live butterfly trade, I've seen the light!  Struck down
like Paul on the road to Damascus, I've come to realize that Robert Michael
Pyle, author of that alarmist book, _Chasing Monarchs_, is a stuffy old
coot who's dreadfully out of touch with the times.  Communist as well, most
likely.  Living in that old Honda for months at a time, not working at a
real job.  And grousing about the butterfly trade!  Were he a real
American, he'd know that the road to success is to find something that
people once enjoyed for free, sequester the supply, then sell it back to
them for a price.  So I've decided to follow the old adage, "If you can't
lick 'em, join 'em!"  If you'll bear with me, I'll tell you about my new
little venture....

Imagine the perfect finale to your perfect wedding--the two of you,
hand-in-hand, striding together into the future through a swirling cloud of
beautiful Monarch Butterflies....

But with ordinary Monarchs, things can go sadly wrong.  Your guests unwrap
the envelopes with eager anticipation--and the butterflies drop to the
ground, stone dead.  Or the butterflies catch a passing breeze and hightail
it off to Mexico.  Or--you've seen releases at your friends' weddings--and
felt that tiny twinge of disappointment every consumer knows from time to
time.  "If only the Monarchs were just a bit bigger," you lamented.  "And
couldn't they make them in other colors besides orange?"

Your deepest imaginings have now been realized.

Introducing...Monarchs Plus ^TM
Bigger, Better Bioengineered Butterflies
(_Danaus plexippus domesticus_)

Including these new and improved features:

+  Reared from genetically-modified, Bt-resistant larvae
+  Bigger is better--6" minimum wingspread
+  Will live up to 3 times longer in a paper envelope.  Say goodbye to
inconvenient and embarrassing die-offs
+  Scientifically bred to fly in circles--will sail round and round above
your wedding and stick around for the reception
+  Guaranteed not to fly north in the fall
+  Choose from a variety of biodesigner colors:  Traditional
Orange--First-time Bridal White--Glowing Green--Morpho Blue--Passionate
Purple--Pretty in Pink---Ravishing Red
+  Will interbreed with wild-type Monarchs--Do your part to improve the
species, the ecology, the World!  Capture the imagination of Children!  The
transcendental experience of a butterfly release will give them an instant
environmental education and lead them to True Understanding of their place
in the world!

Once you've experienced the miracle of Monarchs Plus ^TM, ordinary
butterflies just won't do.

Breeder$!  Take advantage of this unique opportunity and net yourself some
ca$h on the wing!  When this many butterflies are loose on one continent,
_someone_ is bound to exploit them sooner or later.  Shouldn't that someone
be you?

For information on becoming a Monarchs Plus ^TM  franchisee, please contact
me at the address below.  (I also know of some great beachfront property
right here in Ames, Iowa.)

Relax!  Monarchs Plus ^TM  operates within the professional ethics of the
International Butterfly Breeders Association (IBBA).

Royce J. Bitzer
mariposa at iastate.edu

Dept. of Entomology
113A Insectary
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa  50011
Phone: (515): 294-8663

Neil Jones- Neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk http://www.nwjones.demon.co.uk/
"At some point I had to stand up and be counted. Who speaks for the
butterflies?" Andrew Lees - The quotation on his memorial at Crymlyn Bog
National Nature Reserve

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