Cynthia cardui in UK

François BOCA f.boca at
Sat May 6 18:56:38 EDT 2000

Also two (5 and 6 May) in Pas de Calais (North of France)
I saw also Spalia sertorius. I think it is not very common in the North of
France. (But "butterflyman" (How do you say in English?) are not very common


François BOCA

Patrick Roper a écrit dans le message ...
>A painted lady butterfly (Cynthia cardui) has today (6 May 2000)turned
>up in our garden in East Sussex, UK, about eight kilometres (5 miles)
>from the English Channel.  This is the earliest I have seen this
>migrant species here, so maybe we are going to have another painted
>lady year in Europe like 1996.
>Patrick Roper

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