who can sent me images of butterfly?

Rcjohnsen rcjohnsen at aol.com
Sun May 7 17:23:41 EDT 2000

<< Subject: who can sent me images of butterfly?
From: frank at smtp.njau.edu.cn
Date: Sat, May 6, 2000 6:33 AM
Message-id: <3913bc32.6717888 at news.cn99.com>

Please send me some beautiful images of butterfly in your hands. I am
composing a page for butterfly!

homepage :http://home.njau.edu.cn/~xiaofei
E-mail: frank at smtp.njau.edu.cn

There are a few good sites you can refer people to if creating a web site;  at


of Flutterbies at

of moths at

plus what ever you gets as photos from contributer should make your site very

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