Are environmental impact statements imperfect

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Perhaps there should be a legal requirement for EIA (EA...depends which
country!) contractees to be associates or members of specified institutes,
such as the Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management, or at least have
passed appropriate levels of species identification programmes run by such
organisations as national museums and institutes.
The only forum for review in the UK is in effect a public enquiry, where the
EIA can be challanged by anyone who has enough background knowledge (often in
the form of contradictory evidence gained by recording the site in question on
their own) and enough level headed calm to make a decent presentation. Even
then it's down to what the presiding official will recommend (in effect he/she
is sitting in for the relevent government minister, who receives a copy of the
recommendation from the enquiry and deliberates appropriately, or
inappropriately as the case often is!).

Roger K.

"Chris J. Durden" wrote:

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>   Perhaps we need some mechanism for conservation organizational review of
> EIS?
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