unidentified butterfly

ciprit ciprit at snip.net
Tue May 9 18:14:37 EDT 2000

I hope you all don't mind a casual butterfly observer asking for help
identifying a species.

In Philadelphia on Sun., May 7 at very approximately 2PM , I saw a
little (maybe 1-11/2" wingspan) butterfly on my lawn.  It was brownish
and whitish (maybe some other color, too) with a kind of checkered
pattern.  I couldn't get a very close look at it.  Every time I tried to
lean near it, it went fluttering through the grass and also landed it
some wet dirt (puddling?).  I had just watered some of my plants.  If
this information helps, sage, lavender, and tulips--all in bloom-- were
nearby.  Also, the leaves of various perennials are up in my garden--
two types of echinacea, shasta daisy, speedwell, two types of coreopsis,
New England aster, lilies, and various mums.  I tried to consult my
Audobon Society Field Guide, but the only butterflies that looked
anything like it mostly have a range on the west coast (or at least far
west of here).

I would appreciate any ideas about what species I may have seen.


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