Xerces Blue

Felix Sperling Felix.Sperling at ualberta.ca
Mon May 15 17:48:06 EDT 2000

Here's another source of information about California endangered insects:

Check it out! It is part of the Essig Museum website at UC Berkeley and
was constructed by Mike Caterino to help with enquiries like the one below.

>Christie L. Hammond (Lake Hills Elementary School, Bellevue, Washington,
>mailto:Christie.Hammond at bsd405.com) wrote:
>It's me again.  My class and I have so been enjoying the generous
>responses that we have received to our questions.  One of the things my
>kids wanted to know about is the effect of extinct butterflies on the
>ecosystem.  I believe the Xerces Blue butterfly is the first butterfly
>to become extinct in North America.  I have been unablt to locate any
>pictures or information regarding this butterfly or why it became
>extinct.  I thought I would send this inquiry to you and see what you or
>your e-mail network came up with.  We still have much work that we plan
>to do but my class will be contacting you regarding the results of our
>Again, thank you so much for your assistance with this project.
>Christie Hammond

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