GA lep records

Tue May 16 11:45:28 EDT 2000

Dear listers,

	I'm requesting information for an upcoming website on the 
lepidoptera of Georgia (mainly macro moths in this iteration; but it 
hopefully will eventually cover most taxa).  I am, at this point, *not* 
particularly interested in records for common species that are 
expected to occur statewide.  I am more interested in generally 
uncommon species or special habitat species records (coastal 
plain, NE mountains, cane areas, etc.) at this time, mostly to 
make sure that as much of the diversity of the state as possible is 
covered.  I have some information from the Okeefenokee area from 
specimens deposited in the Smithsonian that I have already 
surveyed.  However, please feel free to send any information that 
you think may be of interest.  I will reserve the right to ask to see 
specimens of any records that seem to me to be quite unusual.  



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