Habitat Destruction in Mexico

Paul Cherubini cherubini at mindspring.com
Wed May 17 14:35:32 EDT 2000

Chuck Vaughn wrote:

> Maybe there are a few on this list familiar with Mexico. What is going
> on down there? This looks like habitat destruction on a mass scale. Images
> of the western U.S. and Canada show no such fire activity....except for
> those in N.M and AZ.....and there are only a few red dots.

> Is the Monarch overwintering site in this image? If not I can probably get
> one that shows it.

What is the URL to access these spectacular images Chuck?

The fires in the Sierra Madre Occidentale do not look too alarming to me.
I see some of them every time I fly over these mountains on my way to Mexico
City from California. The fires appear to burn for days or weeks out of control
yet do not leave behind vast stretches of blackness as one might imagine. Perhaps
they are not crown fires. In reality, the fir and pine forests of those mountains
are in a much more pristine state than our own western USA forests 
according to my uncle who once lived in those mountains with the native
Tahumara people.

The monarch sanctuaries are hundreds of miles to the southeast of the fires
in the state of Michoacan. I would be grateful,Chuck, if you could tell us how we
can access these spectacular photos of other areas of Mexico such as Michoacan.

Paul Cherubini

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